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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada.

Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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"Trail Day" & "Adventure Day Weekends"

Adventure Day Weekends are just that, a weekend of adventure... just tell us where you want to go, we’ll do the rest. Over the years the Off-Road Experience has mapped a number of select historical locations in both California and Nevada. These family oriented trips are a great way to see the West, as well as do some off-roading. Visit famed mining towns, ghost towns, mining remains, and even emigrant trails - just as they were in the 1800’s, and all in the comfort of your 4wd. Prices and locations vary, and space is limited. Please watch our "News & Information" for dates and locations. Interested in a particular area? Would like to plan a trip? A group trip? Contact "ORE" any time to discuss your requirements.

Our Trail Day program allows the participant to join "ORE" for the day, whether it’s a sanctioned trail ride, tagging along while we explore new roads and trails, or joining one of our classes (Example: if you’ve completed a beginner’s class you are eligible to tag along for another beginner’s class at a reduced rate). These are great fun to go off-road with experienced people. Call or fax us any time.

Ride & Drive Day

Since 1994 "ORE" has hosted the off-road portion of the annual Ride & Drive Day at Sears Point International Raceway in California. This media day, hosted by the Western Automotive Journalists, brings together all manufactures and importers alike in one location. Two separate programs are operated, the press personal have the opportunity to try out the latest model road cars on the famed 12 turn 2.52 mile road course, or they can venture up the hill the where all the latest 4wd suv’s and pickup’s are located. Here, "ORE" has laid out a course, one that will put the latest in 4wd hardware to the test, thus allowing for direct comparison with in minutes. The Ride & Drive also gives "ORE" a chance to test the same vehicles, thus giving us first hand knowledge of the latest, the best, and the worst the manufacturers have to offer. Interested in us setting up your next event? Press & manufacturers are welcome to contact us regarding this program, or any others we offer.

4x4 Dealer Awareness Program

Born in February 1997, this program was aimed at the 4wd dealership. The idea behind this program is to train sales staff, and managers alike, to the finer points of 4wd’s and today’s buyers. Also included in this program... Once a month an "ORE" instructor would visit the dealership, at which time the most recent 4wd buyers would go through a short, but in depth 4wd class, one that would acquaint them with their newly purchased 4wd. Another plus is the dealership sponsored Trail Day, in which buyers are taken out for a day off-road. These programs are very worth while for all involved, the manufacturer, the dealership, and the buyer. Everyone benefits.

"ORE" Competition

The "Desert-Pro Challenge" and the "Nevada Trophy" are just two events organized by us. Endurance and navigation are the key to both events. Based on events such as the Camel Trophy & Warn Challenge, these events promise to be adventurous, fun and exciting. Watch our N&I for future dates and entry information.