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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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Dear 4-Wheel Drive Owner,

Thank you for your interest in The Off-Road Experience. In late 1990 I founded "ORE" on the basis that 99% of today’s 4wd buyers have no off-road driving experience, and limited adverse condition experience. A large percentage of this number have no intention of taking their newly purchased suv off-road, while those who may, may be a bit apprehensive about doing so. We offer you the opportunity to experience your 4wd vehicle off-road under the guidance of experienced instructors, the benefits of which will allow you to enjoy your vehicle to its fullest extent. Founder Michael R. GreenAdverse driving conditions such as that snow storm en route to your favorite ski area, the hazards on the trail to that favorite fishing hole, or off-road run and adventure are now with in your grasp.
Off-roading can be fun for all and it doesn’t have to include smashing your car over rocks on the Rubicon Trail. Our approach is somewhat different than others, our proven low-impact/have-fun teaching style is just what the doctor ordered, and has proven itself over and over again. Anyone who has purchased a 4wd suv or pick-up, whether they plan on using it off-road or not, should take a class such ours. Knowledge is an important tool, lack of it can get you into trouble. Most 4wd’s are far more capable than you may think, both on and off the road, and it’s usually inexperience that creates the bad situations. "ORE" offers a variety of programs, possibly more than any other company, including three grades of off-road driver training classes, plus our Trail Day & Adventure Day Weekend excursions, and all at a reasonable cost to you. Learning with "ORE" is fun, learning the capabilities of your vehicle, and of yourself, is just part of the experience. Join "ORE" this weekend.

I hope this web pages will answer any questions you may have concerning our Training programs and Excursions. If not, please feel free to contact me personally with your questions and suggestions by calling 925-606-8301 Monday - Friday (or fax 925-606-8302). My staff and I look forward to serving you.


Michael R. Green