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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada.

Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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Our office is based in the S.F. Bay Area... at 190 Airway Blvd., Livermore, CA. 94551. Phone 925-606-8301. Click here to contact us.

4WD – Driving Adventures
Since you own a 4-wheel drive vehicle, why not experience it to its fullest extent? The Off-Road Experience offers a number of driving adventure classes, all of which can benefit you and your family, regardless of your experience. The safety of you and your family will increase as your abilities and confidence increases.  Whether you are driving in the snow, on unimproved roads, or on your favorite trail, these classes will truly benefit you! Now is the time to contact us. We will let you enjoy things others only read or dream about.  To learn more see our web site. Join us for a day or weekend of fun off-road; you’ll be glad you did! Singles, Families, Clubs, or Groups welcome.

2014 ORE Event Schedule
See our web site for dates and locations.

Excursions… Winnemucca to Jarbidge to Elko
We have a new permit, and it now includes North-eastern NV. Thus we have the largest BLM permit in Nevada! Join us for 2011 Ghost Town Excursions departing Winnemucca on July & Sept (To Be Announce). Some great driving, scenery and fun. See you soon!

GPS Navigation & Geocaching
Available Year-round… GPS/Navigational class. Learn how to navigate like the pros. Includes GPS, map and compass use. Family fun for all. Held in Livermore, CA and Fernley, NV locations. Call.

History Revisited - Family Adventures:
Aug 2014: Every year we offer a number of historical events, our favorite is the re-tracing of the Applegate-Lassen Trail. Established in 1846 as an alternate route to Oregon and California (after the Donner Party ran in to huge problems), it would later earn the name the “Death Route”. This trail is 100% intact as it was in the mid 1840’s, and is something you won’t see anywhere else in the USA. Join us for this History lesson of the old west. Camping required for this event. Ask about our other Excursions in Nevada.

2014 ORE Adventures in Off-Roading
Each “ORE” off-road driver training class is a one-day course, often lasting most of the day. Level-1 is the place to start. Level-2 is very popular, though not required for Level-3 registration. Classes are held in NV & CA. *One-on-One classes require two (2) participant vehicles & two (2) “ORE” vehicles. The above rate is for one (1) vehicle/one (1) driver. Additional driver (1) per car add $100.00 A ride-along instructor is available. Please call to check availability.

Level-1: $300.00 per vehicle, maximum 2 drivers. Level-2: $325.00 per vehicle, maximum 2 drivers. Level-3: $400.00 per vehicle, maximum 2 drivers. Ask about our Level-1 Two-Day Discount program. One-on-One: $500.00 per vehicle, maximum 1 driver. Excursions: $ varies according to event & location. Navigation: $225.00 per vehicle, maximum 2-drivers. Nevada at Night: $150.00 per car, family fun. GPS Navigation: Livermore, CA: $25.00 per person / $45.00 Couples. Off-Road Nav class $225.00 per car. Nevada Trophy 2014, $400.00 per car.

New; Certification & Safety Classes
Interested in becoming a certified off-road instructor?  Off-road Driving Instructor, Off-road Navigation Instructor, Off-road Winch/Recovery Instructor, Off-Road Guide, and Train-the-Trainer classes available for Government offices. Call for rates and dates (Including available week days).

We also have a Corporate Safety Program for those who drive off-road for/during business, such as geologists, miners, highway patrol, fire fighters, BLM and USGS.

Feb 14 - 16… Marks the return of Nevada Trophy, to be based in Lovelock, NV. This 4WD Navigational Adventure is something every day, A Driver & Navigator are required, as are a GPS, compass and Nevada Atlas. Geocacher’s welcome. We pre-date Geocaching! Check our web site under NEVADA TROPHY for more information.

Winch & Recovery Classes
Available Year-round… A great class for those who have just purchased a winch, or plan on buying one in the future… Learn how to recover your car. Fun!

Customers in Action
Take a minute to visit Student Photos, Family Adventure photos, Nevada Trophy and our newly introduced Wildlife Photography & Historic Railroad pages when at our web site.

Historic Railroad & Donner Trail Adventures
Learn more at our site about these adventures.


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