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Nevada Trophy II - The 12-hours of Nevada


Right: Doug & Jason Walker in their 1993 D110 wagon win NVTR-II - The 12-Hours of Nevada.

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Lovelock, NV., In only their second attempt, Doug & Jason Walker (1993 D110 wagon) of Los Angeles, California won the 2003 Nevada Trophy 12-hours of Nevada. Teamed with son Adam Walker and Deakin Hodge (97 D90), the pair was impressive when seen in action early Saturday morning climbing a ridge where they search and found 4 waypoints hidden in a 5 step waterfall (dry). The pair was later seen on the dry lake completing the multi task navigation test, and were very impressive. At 10:30pm, after 12-hours of driving, Mike Green (creator and Executive Director of NVTR www.offroadexperience.com) sent all participants off on a final Special Task. This involved at route book the likes of WRC, the twist was there was 5 waypoints along the route, the participants had to find 3 of the 5, keep the mileage of the car to 9.5 miles (which means to find the waypoint they would have to park the vehicle along the edge of the rough course and walk - which a number of people didn't do!), and get back to the finish in the Fastest Time. Walker won this task too! With a Maximum of 92,200 points available, Walker totaled 41,800.

In Second place was Doug's teammate of Walker/Hodge with 40,900 points.
Finishing Third was Two-Time NVTR winner Wanye VanNorsdall (29,700) in his 1991 Range Rover.
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