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November, 2013

the most copied event in North America… is scheduled for
February 14 - 16, 2014 in North-Western Nevada.

is a Navigational Adventure and promises to be more exciting than ever! Whether you're a past participant, a fellow enthusiast, or geocacher, NVTR has something for you.

was born in 1995
, and after a season of work, the first event was run in December of 1996 in Fernley, Nevada. That year seven teams, of two cars each, participated in this special event, an event that combines GPS Navigation, the searching for Waypoints and off-road driving. NVTR is a combination of Camel Trophy, the Warn Challenge, and Geocaching, which we pre-date by some years.  Everyone is welcome!

The object?
Each participant is given XX hours, normally 12 to 15 per day, to search for and collect Waypoints over a given area. Route books are distributed to each car, in it you’ll find as many as 100 waypoints, five to a page. Each waypoint is shown in Longitude and Latitude form. Each waypoint has a particular points value from 100 to 1000, the higher the points value the more difficult it could be to find, or get there.

The twist?
There isn’t enough time to collect all of the waypoints in the book. Scoring is simple, the team with the most points at the end of the event wins! But it is not a simple as that, as Mandatory Waypoints and Special Tasks can either add points, or take them away, as being late carries a 200-points per minute penalty, hence time management is key.  Waypoints can be almost anywhere; a road sign, a Nevada Historic Marker, in a tree or bush, a geocache, or even a stick in the ground.  For 2014, some of the great driving and navigational tasks of years gone-by will be back… should be great fun!

Once again this years event promises to be full of fun and adventure!

Each vehicle will have a Driver & Navigator. Every two cars will make a “team”; this is done for the safety of all participants… due to the vast terrain and weather that could be encountered.  Each team must have a 4WD vehicle… more stock vehicles have won NVTR than not, so NO, you don’t need a modified vehicle to participate.

Required Items:
Here are a few of the required items needed to participate; GPS (we suggest two), Compass, Nevada Atlas by DeLorme, Laptop (permitted, not required), pen/pencil, note pads, flashlights, work gloves, winter clothing, suitable boots, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, shovel, snow chains, reflective tri-angles x2, recovery gear, and on-board food & drinks. All items must be secured inside the vehicle. We suggest they be strapped, attached or bolted down.  See rules for details on Items Required and Tech Inspection.

Time Frame: NVTR2014
Friday start time is scheduled for 8:00am, then it’s two days of adventure,  waypoints, and maybe a Special Task!

This year’s event will be based at Nevada (exact hotel location TBA), the exact competition location being kept secret until the day of the event.  At preset we are working with the State of Nevada on bringing you the best ever Nevada Trophy! Don’t delay on entering, sign up today for this unforgettable event.

Welcome Meeting, to include Registration & Tech Inspection, February 13, 2:00pm to midnight.

Scoring is via points earned vs. points lost. The team with the highest overall scored will be deemed the overall winner of NVTR2014.

Everyone is welcome… First-timers seeking fun and adventure.

The Awards Breakfast will take place Sunday @ approx 9:00am.


Starting order for NVTR2014 is determined by your Paid Entry postmark.

get your entry in today!

Pre-Entry fee is $350 per car.
Post entry $400.00 after February 1, 2014.

Only 30 vehicles / 15 teams (2 cars per team) are permitted to participate, so get your entry in today. Think you can win? Quit thinking and sign up today!.

Entry forms are now available.


Michael Green

Executive Director, NVTR

e-mail: Off-Road Experience


Interested in sponsoring/supporting NVTR?  We've had some great supporters over the years, and hope to see them back for 2014.

Entry forms you need (click each of them to download):
1. Drivers Application Form
2. Navigators Application Form
3. Vehicle Registration Form
4. Emergency Medical Form

Note: All Form is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

To meet the minimum requirement, please read the Vehicle Preparation guide.

We reserve the right to change schedule as needed.

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Copyright 1995 - 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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