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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada.

Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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With 4wd suv sales taking a larger and larger bite out of the passenger car market every year, this one time specialized sector has increased many times over, hence creating the sport utility vehicle market we know today. Our object is to introduce you to the world of off-road driving and the benefits that go with it.

There must be a particular reason why you purchased a 4wd vehicle... Family outings? Skiing? Camping? Ghost Town hunting? Off-roading?... Are we close? No? It does seem like an expensive way to take the kids to school. 4wd vehicles cost more to purchase, more to license (even more so if a pickup), more to insure, and more to maintain. Did you consider these things prior to purchasing a 4wd? Far too may people purchase 4wd’s for the wrong reason, but... Now that you own a 4wd, why not learn to drive it correctly? Say what!?, OFF-ROAD use? Scratch my car!? No Way! These are the usual answers. Sure you should use it off-road, but you don’t have to damage it. We are well aware of your concerns about scratches, damage, etc., but isn’t that the best reason to sign up? You’ll learn how to enjoy your vehicle and the great outdoors without damaging it.

Above: A happy group of graduated "ORE" students gather around for a group photo in Virginia City, Nevada. Why don’t you join us for a day of fun and adventure?

Some of the questions we ask of our students... Let’s have you answer them;

1) Why did you purchase a 4-wheel drive vehicle?

2) Why did you purchase this particular vehicle? What are its benefits and its downsides?

3) Have you read your owners manual?

4) Do you know how to operate it on and off-road?

5) Are you aware of the higher center of gravity?

6) Do you know how to use its 4WD system and how it can benefit you?

7) Are you aware of its minimum ground clearance and its location? (Its lowest points).

8) Are you aware of its approach and departure angles? Do you know what these are?

9) Are you aware of its break-over clearance?

10) Do you know what "engine braking" is, and why it’s so important off-road?

11) What are you planning to do with your 4WD vehicle?

12) Do you have any off-road experience?

13) How much adverse condition driving experience do you have? Ever spun off the road in the snow?

14) Did you know suv’s are involved in more winter weather accidents than any other vehicle? Do you know why?

15) Emergency vehicle repair... What if you really broke something? Now what? No AAA.

16) Can you navigate? Read a map? Able to find your way out? In the dark!? What is "GPS"?

17) Have you attended any other schools or seminars?

Did you answer any of these questions? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Might we suggest you think about enrolling in an "ORE" class? We have no doubt that you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll enjoy learning.

Unlike some classes costing more than $5000.00 that will entertain you at a posh Ski Resort, supply you with a new Rover for a week, then take you out for a few hours each day... or those who charge $125.00 an hour!, The "Off-Road Experience" offers you a variety of 4wd programs, possibly more than any other in the country, including three grades of off-road driver training classes, our Trail Day Rides & Adventure Day Weekend excursions, plus a number of navigational classes, rally driving, and competition events such as the Desert-Pro Challenge. And all at a reasonable cost. Our proven low-impact one-day courses have taught a wide range of people, from the novice, the seasoned off-road veteran, to Camel Trophy hopefuls and participants alike, all have learned something with "ORE". In fact, we have participants returning time and again.

Our classes can help you enjoy the great outdoors, enabling you to see sights you’d otherwise miss when staying on the paved routes. Most of our course areas are located near some wonderful sights, such as: Ghost towns, mines, and/or mountain lakes and streams. As already stated, our proven teaching methods can help you avoid trouble or give you the knowledge to deal with it should it occur. Why delay? Sign up Today with "ORE".