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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada.

Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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Ultimate Adventures
come in many forms; Camel Trophy comes to mind as the ultimate off-road adventure, but sadly is no more. Land Rover introduced its G4 Challenge in 2003 and has plans for a 2005 event, the latest in global off-road adventure. Even the television has jumped on the bandwagon with Survivor, and our personal favorite, CBSí Amazing Race. Lost was interesting show, but it didnít last the ratings war. Outback Jack has some great moments, but has little to do with off-roading (lol), but the scenery is great. Whether it is off-roading in the jungles of Borneo or looking for clues and answers in Africa, or a task Down-Under, all of these events are designed for the amateur competitor.

The Off-Road Experience seeks adventure too. In 1994 "ORE" set out to organize an off-road event for the amateur driver/enthusiast. The following December saw the emergence of Challenge 96. Since then "ORE" has organized events such as the Desert-Pro Challenge 97, Nevada Overland, and the annual NEVADA TROPHY. Introduced in 2003, Nevada Trophy-II, The 12-Hours of Nevada.

2nd place team of Mark Hardy and Mitch Mouw take their turn at one a a number of Special Tasks during the DESERT PRO CHALLENGE 97 in Nevada.
Team Walker wins NVTR2004

Are you looking for the Ultimate Adventure in off-roading today?
Are you looking for the Ultimate Adventure in Geocacheing? Are you a Weekend Worrier?
Do you only have limited time off to play?
Do you seek adventure, and the thrill of competition?
Do you have what it takes to keep going no matter the odds?
Can you navigate?
Can you think on the move?
Do you have the will to win?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we have the event for you!

NEVADA TROPHY-II (December 11th, 2004) & NEVADA TROPHY 2005.

OREs John Gulliford checks his location by map and gps at sunset during the NEVADA OVERLAND 98 Reno to Las Vegas.
Stopped in Rhyolite Nevada during the NEVADA OVERLAND 98.