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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada.

Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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Since its conception the NEVADA TROPHY has been run in winter months, the idea being to take advantage of the adverse weather. Since 1996 we have encountered varied weather conditions, though in recent years however it has been moderate.

Two time winners Ron Dombroski and Wanye Vannorsdal show their prizes after winning NVTR2001.

In 2003 we changed both the date and the time frame. NEVADA TROPHY 2003 was run in August, and instead of two 12-hour days, NVTR2003 was be billed as "The 36-Hours of Nevada". It was quite an event. In 2004 we reverted to two days of competition, each lasting 15-hours, and it’s this format that NVTR2005 will use in the springtime.

NVTR2002 participants line up before the start of the Trophy Course.
NVTR2002 winners Mark Hardy and Greg Oberst work hard on Day 2 in their Land Rover D90 TDi.

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NEVADA TROPHY, the most copied off-road event in North America today! NVTR has now been defined as a… “GPS Navigation Rally Raid”
So if you enjoy the outdoors, great driving opportunities, the thrill of competition, navigating, and of course Geocacheing… then you have come to the right place.