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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada

Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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Here at The Off-Road Experience we cater to all of you, no matter the make of 4WD SUV you own. Our Family Adventure program has been designed to get you and your family off-road for a day, or weekend, of fun and adventure. So why haven't you joined us lately? 

We at "ORE" offer you the opportunity to see things that you will never see by staying on the paved highways, such as Historic Ghost Towns, both known and long forgotten. And always a favorite with the kids, we'll venture out to see Dinosaur fossils, ones that still today remain where found.

Dino Day
Join ORE once again as we venture into Nevada to see the fossils of the huge (60-feet long!) swimming dinosaur that once lived in the inland seas that covered the "Great Basin".  Great for the whole family!

To join in on these activities you will have to have a sense of adventure, and at the same time get rid of today's excuse of "I don't want to scratch my car". You bought a 4WD right, so why not use it? If you're worried about vehicle damage, then why not sign up for one of our Off-Road Driving classes? Then you'll know exactly what to do and when, no matter the road or driving condition or weather.

Here are some pictures from some of our recent outings

B&M Mine - south east of Buena Vista Valley, June 2002.

Across NEVADA 1908
1908 was the year of the NEW YORK to PARIS race, it was won by a 1907 Thomas Flyer (car can be seen in Reno, NV).   Join us this summer as we re-trace the Thomas Flyer’s route across Nevada from east to west. Should be great fun for all.

Applegate-Lassen Trail of 1846
Join us later in the summer as we re-trace the Applegate-Lassen Trail across western Nevada. Established in 1846 as an alternate route to Oregon and California (after the Donner Party ran in to huge problems), it would later earn the name the “Death Route” among others. This trail is 100% intact as it was in the mid 1800’s, and is something you won’t see anywhere else in the USA. Join us for this History lesson of the old west. Limited number of vehicles permitted. Families are encouraged to come. This will be a 2 or 3 day event and camping (at least one night) is involved (a Bed & Breakfast is available if reservations are made early enough). Don’t miss out… Sign up today!

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