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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada.

Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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GPS-Geocache Class; Livermore, CA 9:00am Call to sign up.

Livermore, CA; The Off-Road Experience is pleased to announce its first ever-free GPS-Geocache Day. To further promote the new sport of geocaching, and the Nevada Trophy, the ultimate navigational event in the western United States, The Off-Road Experience is offering this free event. This friendly competition will help everyone sharpen his or her GPS & navigational skills from the rank novice to the expert, while dealing with time management. Like Nevada Trophy, which is in its eighth year, participants will be searching for waypoints, aka a Geocache, the points of which could vary from 100 to 1000 points, the higher the value, the more difficult to find. But it doesn’t end there, as penalty points can also be incurred, for example; 200 points per minute for being late.

Prior to the days event, sign-up will begin at 9:00am, Off-Road Experience will go over the finer art of GPS use and map reading.

Those considering participating in Nevada Trophy, scheduled for February 2014, can sign up in Livermore (above location) after the Geocache event.  NVTR requires a driver & navigator, whereas in the GPS-Geocache Class you can run solo. Required items are a GPS, compass, Northern California Atlas by DeLorme (laptops are permitted), a ruler or “t” square and a pen/pencil Nevada Trophy is an event unlike any other in North America, but one of the most copied.  Whether you’re new to Geocaching or off-road adventures or not, you won’t want to miss out on NVTR2014.

Where: 190 Airway Blvd (off I-580), Livermore.
Call: 925-606-8301