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Certified Off-Road Instructor Classes
For Immediate Release: February 22, 2012

Rates for Professionals seeking certification:
The below cost is based on participant supplying a vehicle.

ORE Certification for off-road Driving Instructor: $500.00
ORE Certification for off-road Navigation Instructor: $350.00
ORE Certification for Winch/Recovery Instructor: $500.00
ORE Certification for Off-Road Guide: $500.00

Tread-Lightly Certification by Ritch Julian: N/C

The above cost is based on participant(s) supplying a vehicle.

The above cost is based on one person per class/per day.

Those seeking Train-the-Trainer should think about taking “Driving Instructor" & "Off-Road Guide".

Call for rates when ORE supplies vehicle.

As far as off-road schools go, The Off-Road Experience has been a leader in this field, always one step ahead of the competition.   Since we are one of the oldest continually operated private off-road driving & adventure  companies in North America, we take care to certify our crew. At ORE, we have been certifying our instructors and guides for better than 10-years, something others have just thought of. Each of our crew has a specialty, some multiples, thus we are able to share our diverse knowledge with YOU. If you are looking for certification for future employment in the off-road industry, or Government agency, then contact us today at 925-606-8301.  

Classes are normally head in NW Nevada.  By appointment only. Prices subject to change without notice.

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