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Nevada Trophy '99 - a Navigational Adventure

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Left; Brett Pemberton (navigator) and Right: Craig Almaguer (driver) celebrates their overall victory in NVTR99 At the WigWam in Fernley, NV.

October 1995 saw the birth of the Nevada Trophy, at least on paper, our idea was to mimic the Warn Challenge then running in the UK and Europe, and maybe even the Camel Trophy to some extent. Our scheduled event date was the first weekend in December’96, the event would wear the title of the "Off-Road Experience Challenge 96".

"F1"… with a time of 7 minutes, 10.93 seconds, the duo of Craig Almaguer (driver) and Brett Pemberton (navigator) in their 1994 Land Rover D90 V8i take 4th overall during the "TROPHY"
In 1997 we changed the name to the "Desert-Pro Challenge" at the urging of the LROA, who for two years would help sanction the event. In 1998 we again changed the name, this time to something far more fitting, the "NEVADA TROPHY".
Cameraman: R. Schoff
F1 Navigator: Brett Pemberton
F1 Driver: Craig Almaguer
F1: 1994 Land Rover Defender 90
F2 Navigator: Andy Grayson
F2 Driver: Eric Hart
F2: 1999 Land Rover Discovery II
"F2" Finished 2nd Overall
F2: Eric Hart (driver) and AndyGrayson (navigator ) in a new Land Rover Series II Discovery… en route to best time on TROPHY COURSE task with a time of 6 minutes, 38.97 seconds.

F2 would finish Second overall in NVTR99 final results, including being half of "Best Team".

How Does It Work?

"NVTR" is a Navigational Adventure, it is not a race, nor a pro-rally, but an adventure. Navigation is the key to the "NVTR", poor navigation means poor results.

Each vehicle participating must have a Driver and a Navigator, and all vehicles must be a street legal 4-wheel drive, as defined by the rules.

For safety reasons, "Teams" will be made up of every Two vehicles (each entry will be teamed up with another, either of your choosing or ours). These "Teams" are required to stay together throughout the event… They may share navigational information, but may not separate for any reason.

Each Vehicle is required to have on board a GPS, a Compass, a Map, CB Radio, and many other aids and safety equipment as defined by the rules. GPS’ with maps down-loaded into them are not permitted! (and will be erased or taken away).

Left: THIRD OVERALL was D1 of Cas Stimson (driver) and Brad Baldridge (nav) of Santa Barbara, CA., in their 1997 D90. Here they complete the tyre tote during the TROPHY COURSE Task. They finished this task in 3rd with a time of 6 minutes 57.84 seconds!
Compass Navigation….
WINNERS; B1 (left – right)
Navigator: Ivan Lee
Driver: Chien Liew
1997 Land Rover D90W
Second; B2 (center-right)
Navigator: Lorie Rueppel
Driver: Todd Rueppel
1963 Land Rover 88" Hardtop

Each Entrant will be giving a Navigation Booklet 1-hour prior to their "Out-Time", thus allowing for some studying and course plotting. These books will have, in no particular order, waypoints listed by Lon/Lat coordinates. It is up to you how you get to them, the bottom line is each waypoint is worth X points (as shown in the books) , the team with the most points wins! Waypoints could be located almost anywhere: Major highways to two-track dirt roads, to downtown (don’t ask either! These are kept secret). You will have 12-hours each day (to gather waypoints), returning late will incur you penalty points for every minute you’re late.

Special Tasks & Stages will also be tossed in. In the past we begin Day-2 with our "Challenge Course" (where you’re on "our time", not yours). Scoring is added to your overall total. Other "Special Tasks" have been surprised on all participants without warning, such as the Tire Change and Night Nav Run. Normally these are mandatory… and if you miss it you’ll earn penalty points, and even more if you refuse to do the task.

Scoring is done via Points Earned and Points Lost (penalties). Each Vehicle is scored separately. Scoring of the two cars will be combined to seek the "Best Team" of the weekend.

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