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Towns, Trains and Trails of Nevada 2004

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Required of You

The following requirements we must impose, please read them over carefully and comply with them, as some require proof before we depart our meeting location. Failure to comply could very well foul up your day.

1) A 4-wheel drive sport utility vehicle/pickup, equipped with a low-range transfer box. No "Big-Foots".
2) Proof of a valid picture Drivers License.
3) Proof of Insurance.
4) Correct clothing for conditions. Bring something warm in summer months as well, could get cold.
5) NO Tennis shoes please! We are off-road, not on the ball court.
6) Drinks & Snacks for all those in your vehicle. In most cases meals are not supplied, nor any available.
7) Alcohol is not permitted at ANY TIME!
8) Firearms are not permitted at ANY TIME!
9) Pen & Pencil.

Please read "Required of your Vehicle", "Off-Road Driving Tips" and "Preparing your 4x4 Vehicle" prior to departing for your class. Having read these and following some of our suggestions, your event is sure to go that much smoother.

Required of your Vehicle

1) Current vehicle license.
2) Current auto insurance.
3) Seat belts must be in perfect order and used at all times.
4) All lights 100% operational.
5) All glass in legal condition.
6) Gas cap must be in place (closed).
7) Wipers 100% operational.
8) A First-Aid kit is required in each vehicle.
9) A Fire Extinguisher is suggested.
10) A Garbage bag is required. You must bring out your trash.
11) All brakes, including parking brake must be 100% operational.
12) All tires, including spare must be of off-road type, & legal.
13) All cars must be equipped with Jack, Wrench and wheel chock.
14) Fuel tank MUST be filled prior to "Pre-Trip" meeting.
15) Factory Front & Rear tow hooks should be in place and clear.
16) CB Radio optional. Channel will be given out.
17) Car phones are to be switched off. NO Exceptions.
18) Cars fitted with Winches are welcome, permission for their use must be obtained, as they can be dangerous.

Other restrictions and requirements may be imposed without notice. Please check with your "ORE" Instructor prior to scheduling your date(s). The above listed requirements are done for the safety of all. Thank you for your cooperation.

Off Into The Outback

Before you roar off into the outback we highly suggest you check the following, or have it checked.  When away from home you should always check fluid levels, look for fluid leaks, check all belts, and don’t forget tire condition and pressures. Do this each morning prior to setting off, whether your on or off the road. A quick look can prevent possible future problems.  See also Putting Your 4WD on a Maintenance Schedule.

  1. Check/Top-up Motor oil.

  2. Check for and note oil & water leaks. If a leak is found, check/top-up suspected part, & repair it a.s.a.p.

  3. Check/Top-up Transmission oil.

  4. Check/Top-up Transfercase oil.

  5. Check/Top-up Front & Rear Diff’s.

  6. Check/Top-up front Swivels.

  7. Check & note leaks from axles/hubs.  On brakes?

  8. Check/Top-up Brake fluid.

  9. Check/Replace Air & Fuel filters.

  10. Check/Replace all Radiator/Heater hoses.

  11. Check/Replace all Drive belts.

  12. Check/Replace all Tires as needed.  Pressures ok? Including spare?

  13. Check/Replace Wheels - Rim damage?

Travel Kit

Items in our "Travel Kit" listing aren’t here just to make your 4WD think its ready to tear across the wilds of some remote desert, instead it’s to help you survive in the event of a problem. The following is a list of suggested items and accessories that should be carried while off-road. These are not required for our classes, and their order is of no importance. Being able to get yourself going again should always be on your mind.

1) Minimum 1-qt of water per person for drinking.
2) Fire Extinguisher.
3) First-Aid kit & Manual, plus "TP".
4) Good flashlight and batteries.
5) Good leather gloves.
6) Rain suit; for rain, laying in mud, protection.
7) Vehicle supplied tool kit, Jack, Wrench, wheel Chock.
8) Food! Jerky, etc.
9) 18" Breaker-bar with socket for wheels.
10) Additional tools as needed. Too many never hurts.
11) Tire air pressure gauge and pump.
12) 2-quarts motor oil, & AFT for automatic cars.
13) 2-quarts 80/90w gear oil for diff’s and transfer.
14) 1-gallon Radiator water (not antifreeze).
15) 1-pint brake fluid & funnel for all fluids.
16) Complete set of spark plugs w/wrench.
17) Full set of belts, and filters.
18) 1-ea Dist. Cap, Rotor (points & cond., on older cars).
19) 1-Ign Coil (bolted next to orig. under hood).
20) Top & Bottom hoses, + 3’ heater hose.
21) Wiper blade(s).
22) Misc. Fuses & Bulbs.
23) Tow-Rope, Minimum rating of 10,000+ lbs.
24) Snow Chains w/tensions, most valuable off-road.
25) Shovel, fold-up type ok.

Other items worth noting, we always carry them while off -road:

26) Hi-Lift jack w/base pad.
27) Tug-em Strap; 20,000 lbs., 10-feet length.
28) 8000-lbs winch and winch kit.
29) Extra spare tire/wheel.
30) Tire repair kit.
31) Electric air compressor with 2-tire irons.
32) Small grease gun, loaded.

The following additional items are good accessories for any 4x4 vehicle out off-roading for any length of time or distance.

1) High powered Reverse Lighting kit.
2) High powered Fog-Lamp kit.
3) High powered Driving-Lamp kit.
4) High powered Fog Tail-Lamp.
5) Removal of front Air-Dam if fitted.
6) Removal of sidesteps/running boards.
7) Front Bush guard for wooded terrain.
8) CB Radio, and/or cell-phone.